Check which dates are available and which dates are booked.

Please call 830.856.2400 to make a reservation.

calendarHow to read and interpret the calendar - A red block means that night has already been reserved. A green block indicates that night is currently available and a yellow block means we're in the process of confirming a reservation for another guest. A block with a red square means guests are arriving the afternoon of that date and are due to check-out that morning of the next green block.

For example, referencing the small sample calendar to the right, the night 17 Oct. is available since it has a green square. The 18th has a red square indicating a guest will be checking-in the afternoon of the 18th. Immergrun is again available the afternoon of the 20th. We sincerely hope the nights you desire are available - we'd enjoy having you as a guest at our special bed and breakfast.