About the Innkeepers

An invitation to Immergrün Bed and Breakfast in the Texas Hill Country


My husband, Chuck, and I first came to the Texas Hill Country in the early 1980s. Back then, only a few wineries existed. The town of Fredericksburg was quaint with small family-owned shops and restaurants. It pretty much rolled up the streets at six o’clock. That was fine with us because we had discovered what many other folks had, that the real draw to the area known as the Texas Hill Country is the land. Our greatest pleasure was driving through the hills and taking in the extraordinary scenery of one of the most unique geographical and topological areas in the world.

Over the years, the Texas Hill Country had become our favorite place to visit. We often voiced the sentiment of how much we loved being there and how wonderful it would be to live there. In 2013, we began searching in earnest for the land upon which to build the house that would become our final home. In mid-summer of 2015, we found it.

The land, 22.239 acres, formerly part of the Staats Ranch, is located 5 miles south of Enchanted Rock State Natural Area in the Crabapple Creek valley at one of the highest and most scenic points in the area. The eastern boundary slopes gently upward then steepens sharply, forming the high rock ridge covered with old growth hardwood trees of Live Oak, Spanish Oak, Cedar Elm, Madrone and mature Ashe Juniper (Texas Mountain Cedar). The southern boundary is heavily treed and has a shallow ravine that funnels the water from the ridge into the pond. This small Riparian area is the most biologically diverse flora and fauna on the property. The two fields on the western boundary are grassy meadows surrounded by a variety of large trees. The field closest to the road has a pond that holds water during rainy periods. This spectacular property is L shaped and wraps around the neighboring Enchanted Rock Vineyards. Within these areas, under a high canopy of old-growth oaks, is a small house. We had not been looking for land with a house but since a house came with the property we decided to renovate extensively and offer it as a bed and breakfast.

Our original plan was to raise cattle or lease the land to someone who would. In order to better understand the land and its potential uses, Chuck contacted the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). Joyce Moore, a biologist with TPWD, paid us a visit. After spending several hours walking the entire property and a truly fascinating discussion of the types of vegetation and wildlife habitat, her recommendation was that we should consider Wildlife Management. Wildlife management basically consists of erosion control, re-establishment of native plants and enhancement of wildlife habitat with an ultimate goal of returning the land to its natural state. This was more in line with our own goals. She went on to explain to us that there are only 33 counties in Texas that comprise the entire breeding range in the world of an endangered species of songbird and our unique property, with its ridge, hardwood trees and mature Ashe Juniper, is the particular breeding and nesting habitat of the Golden-cheeked Warbler. As I write this, it has been nearly a year since we began our journey. The interior of the house has been fully renovated and decorated in simple elegance and luxury in harmony with its natural surroundings.
The sleeping beauty of the land has awakened and the grasses in the once over-grazed fields have returned to dance in the breeze. The leaves whisper in the wind that carries the scent of the woods. The birds flit through the canopy of the trees. The music of the songbirds echoes on the ridge. While we have not seen the Golden-cheeked Warbler yet, we have heard its song. Wildlife is flourishing.

We invite you to share the breath-taking beauty and tranquility of IMMERGRÜN and the Texas Hill Country.

Chuck and Lou Newman
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